David Fletcher, President

Charge Reconciliation – Closing the Charge Capture Loop

Charge reconciliation is an important process within a healthcare organization’s revenue cycle. To ensure consistent, timely and accurate charge capture and resolution of pending charges, each department must have staff responsible for completing charge reconciliation daily. This charge reconciliation process at most organizations often involves generating reports and reviewing clinical documentation for each patient to verify accurate charging has occurred, which can take up to several hours a day per department (if it is done at all).

Enter Softek’s Charge Reconciliation control. The goal of Softek’s Charge Reconciliation control is threefold:

  1. To reduce or eliminate the reports that must be generated daily.
  2. To help alleviate the amount of time necessary to perform the reconciliation process.
  3. To facilitate communication between department managers and organizational leaders.

This control allows each department to pinpoint exactly the charges they are responsible for and delivers visibility to leadership that the charges have been reconciled by the department. Subsequently, the department gains ownership of their charges and workflow while fully understanding the process to which potential charges become charges and charges become revenue for the department. This reinforces the “good” workflow habits in completing their tasks to guarantee revenue for their department. Leadership then has a solid understanding of revenue potential which helps in the decisions they need to make.

So how does it work? Softek’s Charge Reconciliation control accomplishes this by allowing users to define search and filter criteria that brings back only the charges the user is interested in reconciling. This search and filter criteria can then be saved so that the user can return the next day and perform the same workflow with a single click. Once the user is presented with a list of charges, he or she can check off charges to indicate that they have been reconciled, and, in a matter of minutes, they are done. Each department can also see which potential charges need manual intervention right away to turn them into charges. This increases the accuracy of getting all the charges on the bill in a timely fashion. Most importantly, organizational leaders can use Softek’s Charge Reconciliation control to see that departments are reconciling their charges in real time.

Interested in learning more? Check out Softek’s Charge Reconciliation control within our Charge Capture Suite or contact Lindsey.Ater@softekinc.com to set up a demo.

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