Pharmacy Revenue Cycle Management


Ensure the Accuracy of Your Pharmacy Department

As one of the largest revenue streams within the hospital organization, pharmacy charging is a complex but crucial element of hospital charging.

The pharmacy department must meet stringent legal and compliance regulations. This makes it imperative to ensure accurate charging and reimbursement.

Pharmacy Reporting

Softek offers Oracle Cerner organizations a real-time view of their formulary to see what is needed for accurate pharmacy revenue cycle management. Our tools identify formulary issues to get the proper reimbursement and correct the price schedule for formulary items. We also alert you when a drug is becoming obsolete and provide pharmacy reporting to give you the most accurate, up-to-date data for your pharmacy decisions.

With our insight and innovative solutions, you can easily identify reimbursement and denial-related issues within the Pharmacy Formulary, including missing HCPCS, incorrect QCFs and obsolete NDCs in use. In addition to our powerful tools, we provide pharmacy reporting to give you the most accurate, up-to-date data for your pharmacy decisions.

These reports include: 

  • Charge Discrepancy Count: ensures that charges match up with the clinical documentation of the drug.
  • Documentation Discrepancy: confirm that documentation matches up with the administration of each drug.
  • Shrinkage Count to Address pharmacy diversion: eliminate or reduce regulatory fines during a controlled substance audit.
  • Manually Entered Pharmacy Charges Audit: identifies pharmacy bill items that may not have the clinical documentation to represent drug administration.
  • Suspended Pharmacy Bill Item: identifies pharmacy charges that are not in a posted state.
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What Our Clients Have to Say

Our clients have had amazing experiences with Panther—not just improving their pharmacy revenue cycle management services but many other aspects of their system as well.

Softek is absolutely worth their value. The reason that they excel is that they have developed a product that closes a gap with Cerner. Softek isn't developing a product that is going to make us want …


We are pleased with Softek’s service delivery. They have been an invaluable asset in our progress throughout the Cerner Millennium implementation. We don’t just see Softek as a vendor, but also as…

Anthony Adkins

Director of Application Services, Cabell Huntington Hospital

I would encourage everybody that is doing a Cerner implementation for revenue cycle and charge services to use Softek's consulting services. Softek's consultants teach us how to use the system while i…


The vendor was not only looking at trying to perfect a tool that they developed but also constantly looking for growth opportunities. Softek is always looking for ways to make the tool better. The ven…


Softek’s tools give me confidence we are catching what we need to. They’ve given us a broader view of where the revenue leaks are. It makes my day much easier. If we’re leaving something on the …

Rhonda Lupardus

Midland Health

Softek has been able to develop some new productivity tools for us where we can really gauge the productivity of our team members. A huge gap for us has been getting valid productivity without having …


The Optimization Process

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We always start our process by preparing your IT team for our Pather software. We train them on how to use Panther and how it’s going to work within your system. We also let them know that Panther runs on its own hardware, so there will be no strain on your hospital’s current resources. After training, we’ll have our team of on-site support specialists be there for installation, assisting with any issues and answering any questions.



When Panther is installed, it immediately looks into the data you have already collected in Oracle Cerner and consolidates it. It will then audit all your data and alert you of the bottlenecks that are affecting your EMR performance and causing revenue loss.



Once the bottlenecks are identified, Panther’s unique tools help your team quickly dismantle them. Then, your team can utilize our monitoring and alerting system to keep an eye on specific data trends and stop bottlenecks before they can affect your system.



Once optimization is done, we do not simply leave you with our software. What makes us different from other EMR software companies is that we provide ongoing support for our clients for however long they need to ensure they are getting the most from their EMR system. From talking with a specialist to courses about EMR optimization, our tools will help you be successful within Oracle Cerner.

Why Customization Matters

If your staff struggles to create custom reports for you and your team, then Softek’s custom reporting is for you. Our expert team can pull both standard and custom reports easily and send them to your staff daily, weekly or within a custom timeframe.

We have years of experience working within Oracle Cerner and can quickly access relevant data that shows you and your team exactly when and where revenue loss is occurring—instead of making educated guesses based on previous data.

Black Hole No More

Do you want to drastically improve your denials rating? Softek has just the tools for you. Our team at Softek can provide a complete list of encounters for each grouping with comprehensive information about each, including key dates and coding information with the coder name, identifying data and much more. Our team also makes this information available for sharing and analysis with third-party tools.

No matter how long encounters have been held in gaps, Softek can identify which are Not in Queue, Not Coded, or Waiting for Discharge—a key feature that other clinical and billing workflows miss.

Our solutions include ATB, payer report cards, and DNFB features to accurately assess days in A/R and where bills may be stuck in the billing process. Our general ledger solution will identify and alert your team of inconsistencies that cause revenue loss and duplicate transactions.

Software Training

The Softek Difference

Softek is dedicated to providing our clients with nothing but the latest information on how to be successful within Oracle Cerner.

That’s why we offer webinars and Softek University courses for your EMR and pharmacy revenue cycle management team. That way, everyone on your team is updated on EMR best practices and can do their best work within Panther’s software.


Our webinars offer useful industry insights on topics relevant to revenue cycle management, integrity and EHR monitoring.


Softek University

Softek University was established to bring helpful courses from the world of EMR optimization to users across the nation.

Softek University

Optimize Your EMR

Optimize your system not just for your pharmacy revenue cycle management team but for all your hospital staff.