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The Man Behind the Software

David Fletcher is an Overland Park, Kansas, native and graduate from the University of Kansas School of Engineering.

He created Softek to design software solutions to help Oracle Cerner clients gain better visibility into their system and provide EHR consulting to optimize their system’s performance. He understands the complexities of the Oracle Cerner system and believes that it functions best with the right solutions for management and monitoring in place.

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EHR Consulting

Softek Beginnings

After David graduated from University of Kansas School of Engineering, he founded Softek Solutions in 1995 to continue developing computer software to aid Oracle Cerner clients in optimizing their EHR system performance.

Now, over 25 years later, we still specialize in Oracle Cerner because we believe it is the best EHR system—and Softek is your strategic Oracle Cerner partner and EHR consultant.

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Softek Solutions

What We Value

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With a complimentary demo of our Panther software, you’ll be able to see how you can have better visibility in your Oracle Cerner system.

Why Customization Matters

Softek’s experts know the ins and outs of the Oracle Cerner system and can pull custom and standard reports within minutes—no need to hire additional staff to create custom reports.

Our founder believes in the capabilities of Oracle Cerner, and we’ve created a software that helps clients work within their system, along with adding experienced team members who could offer unbiased EHR consulting. Now, Softek’s Panther software can email reports directly to your staff daily, weekly, monthly or within a custom timeframe, so you and your staff can save time with our custom reports.

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Contact us to get a quote, and we’ll help you take the first step to optimizing your EHR system.

Softek Solutions

The Softek Difference

One thing that sets Softek apart for EMR implementation and optimization is the skilled support staff who assist our clients directly, as well as the IT experts who manage them. We’re an EHR software company that’s proud to have experienced team members working to help our clients get the most out of their EMR system.

Our unique experience of working directly in Oracle Cerner has taught us a lot, and now we’re happy to share what we’ve learned with you through our webinars and Softek University courses.


Our webinars offer useful industry insights on topics relevant to revenue cycle management, integrity and monitoring.


Softek University

Softek University was established to bring helpful courses from the world of EMR optimization to users across the nation.

Softek University

Our Clients Say It All

We’ve helped all our clients recover revenue—and here’s what they have to say.

Softek develops products that we don't even think we need until we see them. The firm is actively looking for ways to enhance our revenue capture and cash productivity. Everybody can do better. People…


Invaluable does not do it justice when talking about Softek’s impact. When we brought Softek on, it helped us make Cerner better. We could not have done it without Softek. I can’t say enough good …

Rhonda Lupardus

Midland Health

Softek has a different perspective because they work with so many health systems, and they look across all of those organizations and circle back. The vendor has added various tools inside of their pr…


Softek delivers and communicates. They are there and respond in a timely manner. But more importantly, they don't wait for us to come up with a problem for them to solve. Softek knows the system well …


Softek has been able to develop some new productivity tools for us where we can really gauge the productivity of our team members. A huge gap for us has been getting valid productivity without having …


We brought Softek in on our project, and they gave us a deal. They gave us a consultant to really support us, and that person had an amazing knowledge set. They were almost like an extension of our te…


Serving the Community

At Softek, we’re committed to community service, volunteering and being good citizens. In addition to all-company volunteer days, we encourage our employees to find organizations they feel passionately about supporting and offer 40 hours of paid time off per year per employee to participate in volunteer activities.