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Be Proactive About Your Missed Revenue

Healthcare revenue cycle management can have glitches, including lost charges and missing revenue, that can impact your entire organization’s health.

When maintaining an accurate chargemaster, there are many questions a Revenue Integrity Director must answer: Is the code for a specific charge wrong? How or where would someone search to find coding errors in charges? Did the physician/provider fill out their documentation incorrectly or not at all?

Typical charge capture processes include reviewing claim submissions and identifying possible charging or compliance issues, such as incorrect codes or missing charges for services rendered.

However, identifying potential charging issues before the claim submission process can help guarantee hospitals are correctly reimbursed for their services and time.

Rather than relying on a reactive charge integrity strategy, Softek’s approach gives hospitals visibility into the entire charge capture process, from services rendered to billable charges.

We strive to make your revenue cycle process run smoothly. If you are missing revenue, having revenue integrity issues, or want to ensure that your system is running efficiently, we can help.

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See what our clients have to say about the success of their hospitals with Panther technology.

Invaluable does not do it justice when talking about Softek’s impact. When we brought Softek on, it helped us make Cerner better. We could not have done it without Softek. I can’t say enough good …

Rhonda Lupardus

Midland Health

The only thing I would do differently with Softek would be to engage them on the system build months earlier. I wish I had found Softek earlier.

Chief Financial Officer

As part of their service, Softek designed a Charge Reconciliation process that is auditable and gives our executives visibility on how each department is doing. Its flexibility allowed Softek to quick…

Anthony Adkins

Director of Application Services, Cabell Huntington Hospital

We really like that Softek has a tremendous knowledge of Cerner. Softek is extremely responsive, and they go above and beyond what other vendors normally do. Softek delivers on what they say they are …


Softek has listened and cared about the needs of our departments. Softek has worked diligently with our patient accounting office and as a result, we can actually work within our electronic health rec…

Priscilla Smith

Director of Revenue Integrity

We have known about Softek for years, and we thought they looked like a pretty good company. Then they built a financial tool. We heard that everybody wished that they had bought Softek's services bef…


The Optimization Process

Case Study Portfolio



Our first step for any installation process is training your current IT team on how Panther works. Our software runs on its own stand-alone hardware, so it will use very little of your hospital’s resources. Once we’ve trained your IT team, our on-site support team will be available to address issues and answer any questions.



Once Panther has been installed, it will collect and consolidate all your data in Oracle Cerner, audit the data and then identify trends to discover where your EMR performance is struggling.



Once you are able to see where your EMR system is underperforming, your team can utilize Panther’s technology to create management reports, monitor system issues and more. This enables your staff to increase productivity and efficiency and focus on more mission-crucial needs.



One of the main differences between us and our competitors is our extensive support for our clients. We train your team on how to use Panther’s software, but we don’t stop there. We train our clients to use our software independently, but we also have resources and support staff available to help your team and address any issues they may experience after installation.

Why Customization Matters

With both custom and standard reports, you won’t need to hire extra staff. Your team will be able to pull both custom and standard reports to see a more detailed view of your system. They will also have the ability to identify the exact areas where your medical organization is experiencing revenue loss or performance issues. 

Your healthcare revenue cycle management team won’t have to sift through irrelevant data and can spend time looking at the data that matters most. Additionally, you can have reports sent to your staff within a custom time frame to keep your entire team updated on your EMR’s performance.

Black Hole No More

Our exceptional tools, like our ledger solutions, identify and warn you about errors occurring within your system that can cause revenue loss. The same tools also help you improve your denials rating.

Softek’s tools capture important information that typical clinical and billing workflows miss. We identify which encounters are Not Coded, Not in Queue or Waiting for Discharge—no matter how long those encounters have been held in gaps. Additionally, we can create a full list of encounters for each grouping with extensive information about each. This includes detailed information like key dates and information with the coder name and identifying information.

Our other solutions also include DNFB features to accurately assess days in A/R and where bills are getting stuck in the billing process, payer report cards and ATB.

And to make third-party analysis easier, we’ve designed this information to be available for sharing.

Software Training

The Softek Difference

What differentiates Softek from our competitors is how extensive our support is for our clients. Our support analysts and specialists have years of experience working directly in Oracle Cerner and they’re more than happy to share their knowledge.

While most of the time our support staff offers advice and helps solve issues, our team also offers our clients educational opportunities to learn more about EMR optimization through our webinars and Softek University courses.


Our webinars offer useful industry insights on topics relevant to healthcare revenue cycle management, integrity and monitoring.


Softek University

Softek University was established to bring insightful courses from the world of EMR optimization to users across the nation.

Softek University

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