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Get the Data You Need When You Need It

If you are struggling to get actionable data out of Oracle Cerner Millennium or to get the data you need in a timely manner, Softek’s reporting services can help.

Our unique ability to plug directly into Oracle Cerner’s system allows us to provide both standard and custom reports so you can have the real-time data you need, without having to hire additional staff. We’re a healthcare revenue cycle management company that provides reporting options so your hospital can utilize your EMR system effectively and efficiently.

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Our Custom Reporting

Reports Packages

Reports may be purchased individually as well as in packages.

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Pharmacy Charge Audit Package | $2,000


  1. Pharmacy Bill Item Audit: Gives you a comprehensive audit of the Pharmacy Bill Item.
  2. Formulary Price Schedule: Shows how often each price schedule (AWP, COST1, COST2, etc.) was used for each pharmacy bill item.

Formulary Compliance Audit Package | $9,500


  1. Incorrect QCF Audit: Finds incorrectly defined conversion factors that can lead to significant revenue loss at your organization.
  2. Missing HCPCS Audit: Identifies pharmacy bill items that do not have a HCPCS code present in the Oracle Cerner build, but are expected to.
  3. HCPCS Mismatch Audit: Identifies pharmacy bill items that have an unexpected HCPCS code present in the Oracle Cerner build.
  4. Obsolete NDC Audit: Identifies NDCs that are currently in use but have an NDC obsolete date in the past.

The Optimization Process

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Our process begins by training your IT team on Panther’s unique technology and how it works within Oracle Cerner. Your team will not have to worry about straining your organization’s resources, as Panther runs on its own hardware and will use little to none of your hospital’s energy. Once we have finished training your team, our on-site support team will be available during installations to solve any problems that may occur within your EMR system.



Once Panther has been installed, it will immediately begin by consolidating and auditing the data that is already within your hospital’s system. It will effectively identify and alert your team of existing bottlenecks within your system causing poor performance and revenue loss. Your team can then utilize Panther’s exceptional tools to dismantle bottlenecks and improve your EMR performance.



Panther also has a monitoring and alerting system and can track specific data trends. This can greatly assist your team in efficiently stopping bottlenecks before they can develop and ensure optimal EMR performance.



Softek’s software is designed to be easily utilized independently by clients’ IT teams, but we understand there may still be issues after optimization that your team can struggle with. That is why Softek offers a wide range of support services for clients struggling to get started with Panther’s software, wanting to learn more about EMR optimization and more.

Optimize Your EMR

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Why Customization Matters

When your IT team has to spend most of their time digging through piles of data to pull reports, it takes them away from the rest of their work. When your performance is not optimized, it could result in revenue loss and cause many other issues within your hospital.

Softek’s technology can generate both custom and standard reports within minutes and send them to your team within a custom timeframe of your choice.

Maintain optimal system performance and stop revenue loss today with custom reporting.

Black Hole No More

One of the unique qualities of Softek’s technology is how it provides multiple tools to improve your organization’s denials rating. With Softek’s technology, you can tell which encounters are Not in Queue, Not Coded, and Waiting for Discharge, no matter how long those encounters have been held in gaps.

On top of identifying encounters, your team can benefit from services like DNFB features that can accurately assess days in A/R, where bills are getting stuck in the billing process, and more.

Features like these are typically missed in traditional workflows. What makes Softek different from other healthcare revenue cycle management companies is that our unparalleled technology can provide these useful features to help your team maintain EMR optimization and stop revenue loss.

The Softek Upgrade


We are a healthcare revenue cycle management company that is committed to being transparent and honest with our clients and employees. We believe that by educating, sharing and openly communicating with our team, we can provide the best possible EMR experiences based on innovative and reliable software solutions.


Our Softek team members are problem solvers by heart and we’re always looking outside the box for new and innovative ways to improve our work. We never want to become stagnant and are always learning about new ways to provide the best EMR solutions to our clients.


We focus our technology solutions on our clients’ needs and pain points. Many of the improvements we make are based directly on client feedback—our technology is meant for them and understanding the gaps in our technology can help us enhance our work and provide even better EMR solutions going forward.

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Softek Training

The Softek Difference

We strive to provide the best available solutions for our clients’ EMR issues. While we mainly accomplish this goal through our work of installing and optimizing EMR systems with our software, we also accomplish this goal by educating our clients.

Through our webinars and EMR courses offered through Softek University, we can offer our clients the latest information regarding our software solutions and best practices for EMR optimization.


Our webinars offer useful industry insights on topics relevant to revenue cycle management, integrity and EHR monitoring.


Softek University

Softek University was established to bring helpful courses from the world of EMR optimization to users across the nation.

Softek University

Enhancing Oracle Cerner

Softek is a healthcare revenue cycle management company that has worked with over 200 hospitals across the country to improve EMR performance and effectively stop revenue loss. Our unparalleled technology provides software and support solutions that can significantly improve how hospitals operate.

Part of what makes our software solutions so unique is their ability to plug directly into Oracle Cerner’s system and provide genuine data rather than educated guesses based on previous data trends. Our extensive client support team works hand-in-hand with our software to set our clients up for success with our services. We’ve helped countless teams by optimizing their EMR systems, putting a stop to revenue loss and dramatically improving how their hospital operates.

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