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As a Health Information Manager, you have a lot on your plate. You need the right data at the right time to provide the best care for your patients.

It needs to be quick and it needs to be accurate.

HIM Technology

Our unique health information management technology gives you unprecedented insight into your Oracle Cerner revenue cycle system. Panther helps you gather the data you need at the right time to make key decisions for your organization.

From productivity to coding, our unique solutions give you unprecedented insight into your Oracle Cerner revenue cycle system so you can:

  • Ensure your charge build is accurately built.
  • View each biller’s current activity, work items, queue summary and reassigned work.
  • Confirm that HIM’s task aging build of their queue is built correctly.
  • Guarantee that task aging is enabled and accurately built per HIM task queue catered to your organization’s workflow.
  • Identify which items HIM coders are completing and current queue totals to promote the timely working of the queue.
  • Ensure that the hold configuration is impacting claims and statements as expected to ensure it accommodates the organization’s needs and expectations.
  • Identify items in PFS work queues and track accounts worked from queues to identify, from a PFS perspective, the current productivity of billers and the current work items assigned.
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What Our Clients Have to Say

Our clients have had great success with Softek’s Panther technology—here is what they have to say about their EMR systems with Panther.

Invaluable does not do it justice when talking about Softek’s impact. When we brought Softek on, it helped us make Cerner better. We could not have done it without Softek. I can’t say enough good …

Rhonda Lupardus

Midland Health

Anyone struggling with the Cerner revenue cycle system really needs to get Softek in the room. They are experts with the Cerner system. The EMR transition was such a huge task. We have to start with t…

Chief Financial Officer

What was intriguing was Softek's focus, specifically on Cerner clients. We have found the ability to audit and trail things within the Cerner charge process to be problematic. Softek was incredibly ge…


Softek has been able to develop some new productivity tools for us where we can really gauge the productivity of our team members. A huge gap for us has been getting valid productivity without having …


As part of their service, Softek designed a Charge Reconciliation process that is auditable and gives our executives visibility on how each department is doing. Its flexibility allowed Softek to quick…

Anthony Adkins

Director of Application Services, Cabell Huntington Hospital

We brought Softek in on our project, and they gave us a deal. They gave us a consultant to really support us, and that person had an amazing knowledge set. They were almost like an extension of our te…


The Optimization Process

Case Study Portfolio



We begin by training your IT team on our Panther software and how it will work within Oracle Cerner. You and your team will not need to worry about Panther straining your hospital’s resources since it runs on its own hardware. After we train your team, our on-site support team will be available to resolve any issues that may arise with installation and answer any questions you may have.



Once installation is complete, Panther will begin by examining the data you already have within your system. It will consolidate and audit the information, alerting you of system bottlenecks that are causing revenue loss and poor EMR performance.



Once Panther has identified the bottlenecks within your system, your team will be able to use Panther’s custom tools to effectively dismantle them and optimize your EMR system. Then, you can utilize custom monitoring and alerting to update you on specific data trends that can cause bottlenecks and stop them before they can cause major issues within your system.



We don’t stop there. We train your team to be able to work independently within Oracle Cerner with Panther’s software. But at Softek, our clients are armed with additional resources and support whenever they have issues within their system or if they simply want to learn more about EMR optimization.

Why Customization Matters

Softek’s health information management technology provides unparalleled visibility into your EMR, showing you how well your system is performing and exactly where revenue loss is occurring.

Our team can pull both custom and standard reports within minutes and send those reports daily, weekly, monthly or within a custom timeframe that works best for you. This can keep your current IT team from having to spend countless hours digging through irrelevant data just to pull reports. Save you and your team time with custom reporting.

Black Hole No More

Improving your denials rating has never been easier with Softek’s unique features. While traditional clinical and billing workflows miss encounters that have been held in gaps, our software can identify which are Not Coded, Not in Queue or Waiting for Discharge—no matter how long they’ve been held in gaps.

Our exceptional technology can compile a complete list of encounters for each grouping with extensive information about each, including coding information and key dates. Our solutions also include DNFB features to accurately assess days in A/R and where bills are stuck in the billing process, ATB and payer report cards. Additionally, our team has made all this information available for charging with third-party analysis tools.

Our general ledger solution also identifies and warns your team about charging errors that can cause revenue loss.

Software Training

The Softek Difference

Softek’s health information management technology is not our only differentiator from our competitors. Our consistent support and resources that are available to our clients is what truly sets us apart from other EMR software companies.

We strive to provide the best EMR practices to our clients. This is why we offer webinars and courses through Softek University—so you and your team can stay updated on the latest EMR developments and be successful within Oracle Cerner.


Our webinars offer useful industry insights on topics relevant to revenue cycle management, integrity and EHR monitoring.


Softek University

Softek University was established to bring helpful courses from the world of EMR optimization to users across the nation.

Softek University

Optimize Your EMR

With Panther’s health information management technology, you can improve your EMR performance today.