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Revenue loss can happen whether you have been on Oracle Cerner for only a few months or for many years. Softek provides state-of-the-art software that helps you achieve better visibility into your Oracle Cerner system. Additionally, our team of healthcare revenue cycle consultants provide clarity on where you are experiencing revenue loss and how to correct it.

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The Optimization Process

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Our process begins with training your medical systems IT team on Softek’s Panther technology and how it works to optimize your work within Oracle Cerner. Once we’ve fully trained your team on our software, our on-site support team will ensure any problems that may arise during installation are solved quickly and effectively.



Once Panther’s installation is complete, it will immediately consolidate the data within your system and audit to identify bottlenecks in your system. Once your team has found all the bottlenecks within your system, you can utilize Panther’s unique technology to dismantle those bottlenecks and optimize your EMR system.



Your team can utilize Softek’s monitoring and alerting technology to monitor the data trends within your system that can cause poor EMR performance and revenue loss. Panther will then identify those data trends and alert your team before they can become bottlenecks and cause problems within your system.



Our Softek healthcare revenue consulting team is dedicated to implementing software that allows your team to work independently within Oracle Cerner without Softek support. However, what differentiates us from other EMR software companies is that we have a wide variety of support options available to clients to help enhance their EMR optimization.

Whether it’s calling our support team or taking advantage of our educational webinars, we have plenty of resources to improve our clients’ experience with Panther software.

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Recover Lost Revenue

Questions about Oracle Cerner charging and revenue cycle might continue well past your initial conversion. It might even be months before you realize that your revenue and accounts receivable are simply not where they should be. Our developers, analysts and healthcare revenue cycle consultants engage with Oracle Cerner hospitals that went live months or even years ago and help end that revenue loss.

Why Customization Matters

Does your team spend countless hours searching through piles of irrelevant data just to compile reports?

Save your team valuable time by requesting custom reports. Softek’s custom and standard reports can audit the data you need within minutes and send it to your team daily, weekly, monthly or within a custom time frame of your choice. This will save your team the time they need to maintain your EMR optimization and stop revenue loss.

The Softek Upgrade

For over 25 years, we’ve based our innovative software solutions on uncompromising business ethics. Since 1995, our dedicated team members have been creating exceptional solutions to improve our clients’ EMR performance and stop revenue loss.


Ever since Softek’s founding, we have believed that sharing, education and openly communicating with our clients and team members is the only way to create partnerships based on trust and reliability.


We base most of our improvements on our clients’ experiences using our technology and the pain points they encounter. We believe the only way to improve our work is by listening to our clients and understanding how our technology can perform better for them.


We are always striving to improve our work and constantly looking outside the box to discover new and innovative ways to improve our technology.

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Softek Training

The Softek Difference

At Softek, we value honesty and transparency with our clients. One way that enables us to be transparent about our work is with our courses and webinars offered through Softek University.

In these educational opportunities, our clients can learn more about Panther’s unique technology and learn the best methods for optimization from a team they trust.


Our webinars offer useful industry insights on topics relevant to revenue cycle management, integrity and EHR monitoring.


Softek University

Softek University was established to bring helpful courses from the world of EMR optimization to users across the nation.

Softek University

Enhancing Oracle Cerner

Since 1995, our Softek team has been developing software solutions that can drastically improve your hospital’s EMR performance. We’ve partnered with over 200 hospitals across the country and saved them millions by preventing revenue loss with our unique Panther technology.

What differentiates Softek as an EMR software company is our technology’s ability to directly plug into Oracle Cerner’s architecture. This enables us to provide our clients with real, accurate data rather than educated assumptions based on previous data trends. No matter what department needs it the most, our software solutions and healthcare revenue cycle consultants can assist your entire hospital by improving your overall system performance.

See how individual departments can benefit from our software solutions and find out if Panther technology is right for your hospital.

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