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Hospital CFOs and business office directors can’t wait hours or days to see the most up-to-date financial data from their Oracle Cerner Patient Accounting System.

Our healthcare revenue consultants have found revenue loss, sometimes millions of dollars, at every Oracle Cerner organization we’ve analyzed—a process that takes only a fraction of the time it would take without Panther software.

What Our Software Can Do

  • ATB | See tables and graphs of the daily ATB data from your Oracle Cerner Revenue Cycle tables and drill into the raw details of each bill.
  • DNFB | Get instant visibility into balances that have not been billed, including the hold status and age of the bills.
  • General Ledger Build | Highlight build issues related to the general ledger so you can ensure revenue is posting to the appropriate company unit.
  • Biller Productivity | View an individual biller’s current activity, work items, queue summary and reassigned work.
  • Claims Denial | Analyze denials data to identify trends by the health plan, denial reason or provider.
  • Cash Drawer | Provide visibility into which people, positions, and locations are bringing in the greatest amount of cash. Also monitors batch jobs and pinpoints errors through the system.
  • Payor Report Card | Determine how much is paid on claims and how quickly they are paid. It also accesses claim data to manage health plan contracts.
  • Encounter Holds | Get a comprehensive view of encounters in a hold status.
  • Patient Accounting Reports | Get high-level reporting such as ATB/DNFB trends and revenue rolling averages.
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The Patient Accounting Process

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We begin our process by training your IT team on Panther software. Since our software operates on its own hardware, it will not strain your organization’s resources.



Our custom software can instantly audit data and alert your team to bottlenecks currently existing within your system. Your team then can dismantle those bottlenecks and optimize your EMR.



Softek’s unique monitoring and alerting system can track data trends and alert your team to system issues, allowing them to resolve those issues before they can cause bottlenecks.



We train your team before and during implementation on how to work with Panther and our healthcare revenue consultants team also provides resources and tools for any problems you may run into after implementation.

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Maintain EMR Integrity

When you have poor EMR integrity, bottlenecks within your system can damage how effective your quality of care is, and cause you to lose revenue. Maintaining integrity is vital to having your hospital run efficiently and provide the best quality of care possible. Softek’s unique technology and support from our healthcare revenue consultants can help you provide an exceptional experience for your patients, stop revenue loss and optimize your EMR system.

Why Customization Matters

Is your team struggling to pull reports from your current EMR system? Softek’s custom reporting options can save you and your team time by generating both custom and standard reports within minutes.

We can keep your team from having to sift through large quantities of data by sending the information you need in a custom time frame that works well for you and your team. Custom reports will help you maintain your optimized EMR system and provide the quality of care your patients need.

The Softek Upgrade

Founded in 1995, our Softek team strives to develop improved software solutions based on uncompromising business ethics. We have remained dedicated to this goal for over 25 years and have provided unparalleled services for our clients as a result.


At Softek, we believe that honesty and transparency are the best ways to create lasting partnerships. Our business culture is based on sharing, educating and openly communicating with both our clients and team members.


The only way to create the best software available is by listening to our clients’ experiences with our technology and improving it based on their needs and pain points.


Our Softek team is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve our services and technology. We are problem solvers by heart and do our best work to improve our clients’ EMR systems with the latest advancements in technology.

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Enhancing Oracle Cerner

Our Softek team has worked with over 200 hospitals across the country to improve EMR performance and effectively stop revenue loss. Our unmatched technology provides software and support solutions that can drastically improve how hospitals operate.

What makes our software solutions unique is their ability to plug directly into Oracle Cerner’s system and provide genuine data rather than educated guesses based on previous data trends. Along with our extensive client-support team and experienced healthcare revenue consultants, we’ve set our clients up for success with our services.

We’ve helped countless teams optimize their EMR systems and stop revenue loss. As a result, they’ve seen dramatic improvements in how their hospitals operate.