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Softek's suite of Charge Capture Controls within Panther™ gives you unprecedented visibility into revenue management of your Cerner® system so you can stop losing millions of dollars in missing charges.

Revenue Optimization with Charge Capture​​

The controls let you begin the task of revenue optimization by auditing charge capture in your clinical applications. Without visibility into your entire EMR transaction process, you have no way of knowing if charging errors are happening before they hit your billing system. Our Charge Controls instantly show you when charging is inconsistent and where the inconsistencies originate so you have real-time, detailed visibility into your charging process​.

Cerner® -specific Revenue Expertise

Our developers and analysts are specialists in Cerner’s unique multi-tier architecture. The Charge Capture Controls bring hospital revenue departments the system performance visibility that Panther has delivered to IT departments at Cerner® hospitals since 2000.


Panther’s years of monitoring have revealed that even small charging errors can lead to significant losses. Using our Charge Integrity Control, one client found that missing a single lab charge over a four-month period cost more than $3 million in missed charges.

Charge Integrity

Compares patient orders and corresponding charges along the entire transaction process. 

Pharmacy Integrity

Addresses documentation and charge discrepancies for all medication dispenses on discharged patient encounters. 

Formulary Compliance

Alerts hospital administrators of key issues in the system, such as missing or incorrect HCPCS codes or QCFs. 

Missing Op Phys Doc

Identifies discharged outpatient encounters that do not have any physician documentation tied to them. 

Supply Charging

Monitors all surgical case activity and pinpoints which encounters and items may be missing charges.

Charge Reports

Reports include: Batch Charge Entry fails, Absorbed Charges, Suspended Charge reports and many more.

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