Manage your charge integrity

Revenue Optimization with Charge Capture

The controls let you begin the task of revenue optimization by auditing charge capture in your clinical applications. Without visibility into your entire EMR transaction process, you have no way of knowing if charging errors are happening before they hit your billing system. Our Charge Controls instantly show you when charging is inconsistent and where the inconsistencies originate so you have real-time, detailed visibility into your charging process​.

Cerner-Specific Revenue Expertise

Our developers and analysts are specialists in Cerner’s unique multi-tier architecture. The Charge Capture Controls bring hospital revenue departments the system performance visibility that Panther has delivered to IT departments at Cerner hospitals since 2000.

Panther’s years of monitoring have revealed that even small charging errors can lead to significant losses. Using our Charge Integrity Control, one client found that missing a single lab charge over a four-month period cost more than $3 million in missed charges.

What Our Clients Say

Softek develops products that we don't even think we need until we see them. The firm is actively looking for ways to enhance our revenue capture and cash productivity. Everybody can do better. People don't know what they don't have until they have it, and that is what Softek works with. They look for ways to find and capture missing revenue, and they are pretty good at that. I really don't know what else they can do better. They are very engaged in helping their clients. I can't call Softek perfect, but they are pretty darn close. I don't see much room for them to up their game. I have zero complaints about Softek. They provide outcomes, find problems that we didn't know existed, and help us to resolve those problems.
Without Panther, we could have been billing incorrectly for a long time without identifying broken connections within Cerner. It was through the Panther process when we were reviewing the findings and what the system had identified that our pharmacy realized that something behind the scenes had been connected to the wrong orderable. Through Panther, they were able to identify where the connection was broken. Since they fixed it, they don’t get the errors anymore. Just having this window into the connections that are behind the scene was extremely educational.
As part of their service, Softek designed a Charge Reconciliation process that is auditable and gives our executives visibility on how each department is doing. Its flexibility allowed Softek to quickly adapt and fix system performance as needed. They also provided onsite engagement to help us learn and grow with the product through continual training.
Anthony Adkins,
Director of Application Services,
Cabell Huntington Hospital
What was intriguing was Softek's focus, specifically on Cerner clients. We have found the ability to audit and trail things within the Cerner charge process to be problematic. Softek was incredibly generous to work with us and accommodate when our IT resources were available, to work around some of the bumps that we hit along the way. They were incredibly patient in helping us get to the point where we could actually get an agreement with them.
Softek has done an excellent job for us. They have a pharmacy tool that essentially identifies mispriced pharmaceuticals in our system. The vendor is quite inexpensive. We brought them on to do an analysis for us, and they found a significant amount of net revenue for us.
We have received our money’s worth. Especially when it comes to pharmacy items. Since pharmacy things are so complicated, especially when it comes to billing for waste, the tool was extremely helpful in making sure that we were capturing both the administered portion and the waste portion so that we could get paid from the payers on those.

Panther's Charge Capture Controls

Rules Engine*

Plugging directly in to your Cerner system and leveraging our Panther technology, you can now run charging edits even before a patient is discharged.

Charge Reconciliation

See all charges generated by patient location so that departments can reconcile their daily charge activity.

Order Integrity

Analyze order activity and highlight missing charges on completed orders in real-time.

Form Integrity

Analyze Power Form usage and highlight missing charges on alpha-response-based charging in real-time.

Physician Documentation

Highlight missing charges on completed notes and summarize by physician or physician group.

Pharmacy Integrity

Highlight documentation and charge discrepancies within the pharmacy dispense and administration process.

Formulary Compliance

Identify reimbursement and denial related problems within the Pharmacy Formulary such as: missing HCPCS, incorrect Quantity Conversion Factors (QCFs), and obsolete NDCs in use.

Supply Charging

Analyze all surgical case activity and pinpoint which encounters and items may be missing charges.

Missing Op Physician Doc

Highlight instances where patients have an assigned physician, but no physician documentation within the clinical activity.

Implant Recall

Search the Cerner database for any recalled device or product identifiers that have been in use.

Charge Reports

Choose from a workbook of 100+ canned reports that help identify areas of opportunity in the charging process.

*Requires additional subscription.