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Data problems can slow down your organization’s EHR management and decrease clinician satisfaction and patient safety. However, Softek’s Panther solution pinpoints problems with data transactions and Oracle Cerner system performance, resulting in improved metrics and a more efficient EHR system.

Softek’s Discovery Audit™

Softek’s Panther software has been monitoring and managing Oracle Cerner Millennium’s performance since 2000. Both self- and remote-hosted organizations use Panther to ensure EMR system stability, efficiency and throughput. Driving Panther is a state-of-the-art detection system that provides accurate and detailed alerts of system issues.

The system is on dedicated hardware without needing an agent running on any node, meaning it has virtually no impact on your hospital’s IT system resources. Panther can improve your Oracle Cerner EHR performance and optimize your organization’s Oracle Cerner EHR system.

Softek’s Discovery Audit™ provides unbiased, third-party visibility into your current Oracle Cerner EHR performance. The audit provides detailed recommendations to help dramatically improve overall system performance at the point of care.

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Our Clients’ Experiences

Plenty of EHR management teams have had success with Panther’s software—here is what they have to say about their experiences.

As Cabell Huntington Hospital prepared to go live with Cerner Millennium, we needed a system to help us transition smoothly to avoid revenue loss during the implementation. Prior to selecting Softek, …

Anthony Adkins

Director of Application Services, Cabell Huntington Hospital

The vendor was not only looking at trying to perfect a tool that they developed but also constantly looking for growth opportunities. Softek is always looking for ways to make the tool better. The ven…


Softek has listened and cared about the needs of our departments. Softek has worked diligently with our patient accounting office and as a result, we can actually work within our electronic health rec…

Priscilla Smith

Director of Revenue Integrity

Softek is absolutely worth their value. The reason that they excel is that they have developed a product that closes a gap with Cerner. Softek isn't developing a product that is going to make us want …


Softek’s tools give me confidence we are catching what we need to. They’ve given us a broader view of where the revenue leaks are. It makes my day much easier. If we’re leaving something on the …

Rhonda Lupardus

Midland Health

We have known about Softek for years, and we thought they looked like a pretty good company. Then they built a financial tool. We heard that everybody wished that they had bought Softek's services bef…


The Optimization Process

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Whether you’re just implementing Oracle Cerner or have been using Oracle Cerner for a while, we always begin our process by training your IT team on how to use Panther technology. Since Panther runs on its own hardware, you can expect it to use little to none of your hospital’s resources. When we have finished training your team, we will have our support team available to assist with any issues or questions that may come up.



When Panther has been fully installed, it will start collecting the data that is already in your Oracle Cerner system, consolidating it to audit the data. It will then identify where the issues in your EHR system are occurring, and our team can provide suggestions on how to best rectify those issues.



Now that you have clear visibility into your system and have identified the main issues with your EHR, Panther offers many tools to solve those issues. You can monitor system issues and create management reports to quickly solve problems, so your IT team can focus on other crucial aspects of their work.



We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by providing our clients with exceptional support. At the beginning of your installation process, we train your team. Then, we provide consistent support during installation to ensure issues are resolved quickly. After that, we have additional support and resources readily available whenever your team may need them, for as long as you are a Softek client.

Why Customization Matters

Keep your EHR management team from having to dig through irrelevant data to simply pull together a report. With Softek’s custom and standard reports, you can quickly create reports to identify system issues that are causing revenue loss and have those reports sent daily, weekly or within a custom time frame.

Our clients’ EHR teams have clear visibility into their system with our custom reporting options and can do so without the need to hire additional staff. Optimize your EHR today with our software and custom reports.

Black Hole No More

Some of Softek’s solutions include payer report cards, ATB, and DNFB features to accurately assess days in A/R and where bills are stuck in the billing process. Our general ledger solution identifies and warns your team of errors that can cause revenue loss and duplicate transaction details in reports.

At Softek, we provide a complete listing of encounters for each grouping with extensive information about each. This includes key dates and coding information with the coder name, identifying data, and more. Additionally, all included information is available for sharing and analysis by third-party tools.

Our team can identify which encounters are Not Coded, Not in Queue or Waiting for Discharge no matter how long they have been held in gaps—a feature clinical and billing workflows often miss. By proactively addressing claims that could get denied, your team can improve your denials rating drastically with Softek’s unique tools.

Software Training

The Softek Difference

At Softek, we want our clients to be successful. It’s the reason why we have experts on our support staff ready to offer advice and assistance for any issues or questions our clients may have. Our support team has years of experience working directly in Oracle Cerner. They offer their knowledge not just through their support but through educational opportunities offered through our webinars and Softek University courses.

With our courses, you and anyone on your EHR management team can learn more about how to optimize your EHR system with Panther.


Our webinars offer useful industry insights on topics relevant to revenue cycle management, integrity and monitoring.


Softek University

Softek University was established to bring helpful courses from the world of EHR optimization to users across the nation.

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