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Collectively, the Softek development and client support teams have decades of experience in Oracle Cerner Millennium development, implementation and management.

Through Softek’s EHR software webinars, our experts give you a greater understanding of your system’s configurability, address specific issues common to many users and walk you through recommendations for reliable system performance.

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Our first step for any installation process is training your current IT team on how Oracle Panther works. Our software runs on its own stand-alone hardware, so it will use very little of your hospital’s resources. Once we’ve trained your IT team, our on-site support team will be available to address issues and answer any questions.



Once Panther has been installed, it will collect and consolidate all your data in Oracle Cerner, audit the data, and then identify trends in that data to discover where your EHR performance is struggling.



Once you are able to see where your EHR system is not performing well, your team can utilize Panther’s technology to create management reports, monitor system issues and more. This enables your staff to increase productivity and efficiency and focus on more mission-crucial needs.



One of the main differences between us and our competitors is our extensive support for our clients. We train your team to use Panther’s software on their own, but we don’t stop there. Our resources, support staff and EHR software webinars will be available for your team should any issues come up after installation.

Optimize Your EMR

Learn how to improve your optimization with our EHR software webinars.

Why Optimization Matters

After implementing a new EHR system, you’ll inevitably experience issues within your system, especially with billing and charging. These system issues don’t just put your business at risk but your patients, too.

Our charge capture and EHR performance software provides visibility to your EHR system so you can maintain the charge integrity of your EHR system and maximize the performance of your Oracle Cerner system.

Why Customization Matters

Softek’s technology gives you clear visibility into your EHR system. When it comes to reports, your hospital’s IT team may have to spend countless hours trying to acquire the data they need when they should be maintaining your hospital’s EHR performance.

Panther technology has the unique ability to work directly within Oracle Cerner and get genuine data rather than make estimations based on previous data trends. So Softek’s reporting technology can provide your team real, accurate data in both custom and standard reports within minutes, sending it to your hospital’s team in a timeframe that works for you.

Save yourself and your team valuable time today with custom reporting.

The Softek Upgrade

Founded in 1995, our Softek team strives to develop improved software solutions based on uncompromising business ethics. We have remained dedicated to this goal for over 25 years, providing unparalleled services for our clients.


At Softek, we believe that honesty and transparency are the best ways to create lasting partnerships. Our culture is based on sharing, educating and openly communicating with both our clients and team members.


The only way to create the best software available is by listening to our clients’ experiences with our technology and improving it based on their needs and pain points.


Our Softek team is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve our services and technology. We are problem solvers by heart and do our best work to improve our clients’ EHR systems with the latest advancements in technology.

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Softek University

Optimizing your EHR can be a complicated process. To provide our clients with the best optimization experience, we try to demystify our optimization methods with courses and webinars provided through Softek University. This enables our clients to deepen their understanding of our process and learn even more methods for EHR optimization and maintenance.

Enhancing Oracle Cerner

Since 1995, our Softek team has been developing software solutions that can drastically improve your hospital’s EHR performance. We’ve partnered with over 200 hospitals across the country and saved millions in revenue loss with our unique Panther technology.

What differentiates Softek as an EHR software company is our technology’s exceptional ability to directly plug into Oracle Cerner’s architecture, providing clients with real, accurate data, rather than educated assumptions based on previous data trends. No matter what department needs it the most, our software solutions can assist your entire hospital by improving your overall system performance.

See how individual departments can benefit from our software solutions and find out if Panther technology is right for your hospital.

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