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What sets Softek apart from other EMR software companies is how well we support our clients long after the installation of our software.

Softek’s EMR consultants are regularly available to provide guidance and advice on how to best utilize your EMR system long after our Panther technology has been installed.

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The Benefits of Softek EMR Performance Consulting

The Optimization Process

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We begin our process by training your IT team on the Panther software and how it works within your EMR system. Your team won’t have to worry about straining your hospital’s resources since Panther runs on its own hardware. After your team is trained, our support team will remain on-site during and after installation to ensure all issues that may come up are resolved quickly.



Once installation is complete and we’ve ensured Panther is running smoothly within your EMR system, the software will start consolidating and auditing the information within your system. Then, it will identify and alert your team of any bottlenecks that are occurring within the system that are causing poor EMR performance and revenue loss.



Once the bottlenecks within your system have been identified, your IT team can use Panther’s exceptional tools to dissolve the bottlenecks and get your EMR to optimal performance. Once your system is optimized, you can use Softek’s monitoring and alerting technology to track trends important to you. Our custom alert settings can warn you about issues within your system before they can cause problems.



After your system has been optimized, our support team will be readily available to provide the resources and assistance your team needs. We set up our process so that your hospital’s IT team can work independently, but we never leave you alone with the software completely. Our EMR consultants, call center support, resources and educational webinars are available to ensure your team can work efficiently within Oracle Cerner.

Optimize Your EMR

With our EMR consultants by your side, maintaining optimization has never been easier.

Ensure Reliable EMR Performance

Our expert EMR consultants gain unprecedented visibility into your system by accessing much more than your Oracle Cerner monitoring tools can. Our proprietary Panther technology and Discovery Audit pinpoint the source of both acute and chronic system issues that are causing patient data to be lost and bottlenecks to form.

Issues like these can greatly slow down or disrupt your clinicians’ workflow. These diagnostics uncover the configurations and application builds that need correction. Then, our experts prioritize the data to address the biggest issues first.

Why Customization Matters

On top of our unparalleled software solutions and our exceptional support team, Softek offers clients custom reporting options. Without custom reporting, your IT team could spend countless hours attempting to search large quantities of irrelevant data to create a simple report.

This takes team members away from maintaining your EMR system and harms the quality of your system’s performance. Softek’s technology pulls both standard and custom reports within minutes and sends them to your team within a custom time frame that works for you.

Save your team time with our custom reporting options.

The Softek Upgrade

Our Softek team has been dedicated to improving our clients’ EMR experience by creating new and innovative technological solutions since 1995. Based on our uncompromising business ethics, we’ve been able to provide unparalleled software solutions for over 25 years.


For over 25 years, we’ve been dedicated to educating, sharing and openly communicating with our clients about our work. We believe the only way to create an exceptional EMR experience is by being transparent about our work.


We value client feedback when it comes to improving our software and support solutions. Our clients are the ones who can provide the best feedback on our work and our team members are dedicated to improving our clients’ experience with our solutions by basing improvement around their needs and pain points.


Our team members are constantly using innovation and creative thinking to think outside the box and improve our software solutions. We are problem solvers by heart and are constantly striving to improve our clients’ experience with Panther technology.

Who Is Softek

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Softek Training

The Softek Difference

What makes Softek different from other EMR software companies is that we are dedicated to providing ongoing client support built on trust and reliability. One way we provide that support is by offering continuous educational opportunities on EMR optimization and Panther software.

With our courses and webinars through Softek University, we can remain transparent with our clients about what we do and continue our work optimizing EMR systems across the country.


Our webinars offer useful industry insights on topics relevant to revenue cycle management, integrity and EHR monitoring.


Softek University

Softek University was established to bring helpful courses from the world of EMR optimization to users across the nation.

Softek University

Enhancing Oracle Cerner

For over 25 years, we’ve partnered with over 200 hospitals across the country to create clear visibility into their EMR systems. Our unique software solutions have drastically improved EMR performance and helped stop millions in revenue loss.

Our technology’s unique ability to plug directly into Oracle Cerner offers our clients the ability to access immediate and reliable data, rather than making educated guesses based on previous data. Whether you work in your hospitals, IT, Ambulatory, Pharmacy, or other teams, our software solutions and EMR consultants can help you improve your work and enhance your hospital operations to provide better patient experiences.

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