Healthcare Revenue Integrity


A Unique Approach to Help You Succeed

Ambulatory surgery centers face unique challenges in the ever-changing healthcare landscape, whether it’s changing regulations and rules or payment complexities and lack of automation.

Since ASCs are not collectively associated with care delivery at the hospital, they must consider a unique approach to revenue cycle management to succeed. Managing ambulatory care is vital to delivering coordinated and cost-effective patient care.

Our unique solutions:

Softek provides Oracle Cerner ASCs with one-of-a-kind technology and expertise to help your team ensure order integrity, provide key data metrics and maintain healthcare revenue integrity.

  • Identify completed orders that are not dropping charges.
  • Guarantee all orders are charging correctly.
  • Discover build errors in the system that affect charging.
  • Identify pharmacy bill items with incorrect QCFs to ensure all pharmacy bill items are built appropriately to charge and get reimbursed.
  • Ensure accurate physician documentation, highlighting clinical documentation that hasn’t been completed or dropped corresponding charges.
  • Identify outpatient encounters that are missing a charge.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

Our one-of-a-kind technology has helped improve and maintain healthcare revenue integrity for Oracle Cerner hospitals across the country. Here is what they have to say about it.

Softek has listened and cared about the needs of our departments. Softek has worked diligently with our patient accounting office and as a result, we can actually work within our electronic health rec…

Priscilla Smith

Director of Revenue Integrity

The only thing I would do differently with Softek would be to engage them on the system build months earlier. I wish I had found Softek earlier.

Chief Financial Officer

I would encourage everybody that is doing a Cerner implementation for revenue cycle and charge services to use Softek's consulting services. Softek's consultants teach us how to use the system while i…


Softek has a different perspective because they work with so many health systems, and they look across all of those organizations and circle back. The vendor has added various tools inside of their pr…


Invaluable does not do it justice when talking about Softek’s impact. When we brought Softek on, it helped us make Cerner better. We could not have done it without Softek. I can’t say enough good …

Rhonda Lupardus

Midland Health

They are very customer focused. Working with Softek has just been very refreshing in that respect because a lot of other vendors of tools that we have always have user enhancements, but that is such a…


The Optimization Process

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For every client, we start our process by training their IT team on Panther technology and how it is meant to work within their EMR system. By running on its own hardware, Panther will use very little to none of your hospital’s already established resources to optimize your EMR performance. After training is complete, our on-site team of analysts and specialists will provide constant support for any issue that may come up.



Once Panther is installed, it collects, consolidates and audits the data that is already in your Oracle Cerner system to identify where the bottlenecks in your system are.



With detailed visibility into Oracle Cerner, you can address the bottlenecks, and utilize Panther’s tools to dismantle them. You can set custom alerts to update your team when certain bottlenecks are occurring so your IT team can dismantle them effectively before they cause major issues for your system.



We not only provide support before and during installation but long afterward, too. As long as you are a Softek client utilizing our Panther software, we have plenty of resources and support available to your team to ensure you are successful with Panther’s software.

Why Customization Matters

Pulling custom reports can be difficult for any staff. They’ll have to dig through lots of irrelevant data, and maybe even hire extra staff just to keep up with their work.

Softek provides both standard and custom reporting options so you can see exactly where your hospital is experiencing revenue loss—without the need to hire additional staff or dig through irrelevant data.

Black Hole No More

Softek offers unique services to help improve your hospital’s denials rating and healthcare revenue integrity. Our services have DNFB features that can accurately assess days in A/R, where bills are getting stuck in the billing process and more.

Our tools make third-party analysis much easier and include important information that typical clinical and billing workflows miss. This includes identifying which encounters are Not Coded, Not in Queue and Waiting for Discharge—no matter if those encounters have been held in gaps for two days or two years.

Panther’s exceptional technology offers unique visibility into your system. This not only helps you improve your EMR performance but can help you stop revenue loss. Install Panther software and start optimizing your system today!

Software Training

The Softek Difference

Our unique technology and unparalleled support services have helped our clients achieve healthcare revenue integrity. However, our support doesn’t stop there.

With our webinars and Softek University courses, your team can learn more about EMR optimization and improve your work within Oracle Cerner.


Our webinars offer useful industry insights on topics relevant to revenue cycle management, integrity and monitoring.


Softek University

Softek University was established to bring helpful courses from the world of EMR optimization to users across the nation.

Softek University

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Improve your healthcare revenue integrity with Panther’s unique technology.