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­­­­Softek Rates at the Top of KLAS Consulting for Cerner Software 2019 Report

PRAIRIE VILLAGE, KS – September 26, 2019 — Softek Solutions, Inc. was rated at the top of its class in the KLAS® 2019 Consulting for Cerner Software report.*

According to the report, all Softek clients surveyed* are “highly satisfied with the firm’s delivery, praising their custom built revenue cycle tool for creating reports that provide needed visibility and improvement insights.”1  Softek received an overall score of 99.2* and an A+ on four out of the five pillars defined by KLAS: loyalty, operations, services, relationship and value.2

“Softek came in and worked with all of our directors. Softek showed the directors how to run the reports, what to look for, and how to troubleshoot some of the issues we were finding at the time. That really helped with a lot of our revenue. Softek has continued to add additional reports based on our needs. Softek has been very accommodating and understanding. They pushed out capabilities in the system that their customers had suggested. There are a lot of reporting capabilities in the system, and the reports run much faster. Those capabilities have been extremely nice,” said one client, a Director of Business Informatics, Revenue Cycle Optimization Engagement.3

Softek received a perfect score* in seven out of nine categories. As KLAS stated in its report, “Softek brings visibility to the Cerner Revenue Cycle.”4

“We are honored to receive recognition for our commitment to our clients and helping them achieve visibility to manage their revenue cycle and EMR," said David Fletcher, President at Softek Solutions. "This distinction further validates our focus on ensuring our clients come first.”

The full KLAS 2019 Consulting for Cerner Software report can be found here.

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*Based on Limited Data

For More Information Contact:

Ashley Mitts

913.649.1024 x. 7734

Softek’s New Solution Gives Clients Insight into Biller Productivity 

PRAIRIE VILLAGE, KS – June 27, 2019 — Softek Solutions, Inc. announced today the release of its Biller Productivity Control. This new control will give current Cerner® clients instant visibility into their billing workflow by displaying specific client defined coder and biller productivity metrics.

The tool provides clients insight into their billers’ performance with the goal of increasing revenue generation and reimbursement for the organization.

“Without access to accurate biller productivity data, Cerner® clients are left with a significant gap in the efficiency and performance of their billing office,” said Matt Heath, Vice President, Sales and Business Development at Softek. “Our Biller Productivity Control gives clients critical biller performance metrics so they can employ, track and retain the most capable billers and achieve their revenue goals.”

This control from Softek allows clients to see an individual biller’s current activity, work items, queue summary and reassigned work items. Clients can also see action codes for each biller on any given day.

With the objective data from the Biller Productivity Control, one Softek client was able to follow up on suspected cases of specific billers underperforming on biller metrics and inaccurately logging time in the system. Moving forward, this client can now reward and retain a high-performance billing staff.

“Biller productivity has a direct impact on revenue generation for a hospital,” said Heath. “Our tool equips hospitals with the data they need to efficiently run the billing office and achieve maximum revenue.” 

Softek Solutions Builds Tool to Help Clients Audit Pharmacy Formulary

PRAIRIE VILLAGE, KS – May 9, 2019 — Softek Solutions, Inc. announced today the release of its Formulary Compliance Control. This new control will help current Cerner® clients easily manage the integrity of their formulary. The control alerts hospital administrators of key issues in the system, such as missing or incorrect HCPCS codes or QCFs, which often lead to denials from billers or not receiving the maximum reimbursement available for all their medications.

The Formulary Compliance Control also proactively identifies expired or expiring drugs so pharmacy departments can ensure that expired NDCs are not in use at their facilities.

“The pharmacy formulary is one of the largest and most complex data sets in Cerner® because formulary data is constantly changing,” said David Hallberg, Vice President, Product Development at Softek. “Manually auditing a formulary system can take days or even weeks. Softek’s Formulary Compliance Control can reduce this audit down to just minutes and instantly identify where the key issues lie.”

This control from Softek helps address many issues hospitals face with formulary compliance. Reimbursement and coding issues often occur because of incorrect or missing HCPCS codes or expired drug administration. Hospitals also face billing denials from Medicare and reimbursement errors when codes do not match up.

“We have seen promising results so far and plan to roll out the control to many more clients over the next six to nine months,” said Hallberg.

One client had just completed a two-week review of its pharmacy formulary. After getting access to Softek’s Formulary Compliance Control, the pharmacy director confirmed he could have completed that audit in hours instead of days with the new control. Softek’s control had also identified issues that his manual audit had missed.

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