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We work with clients who are just now implementing Oracle Cerner and clients who have been working within Oracle Cerner for years, helping them identify and solve issues in their systems. Softek’s Panther software provides increased visibility for both self and remote-hosted clients and can help make EMR management more manageable.

Our EMR Monitoring & Alerting Services help you improve response time, eliminate throughput issues, monitor interfaces, get real-time system tuning, and much more.

What Our Software Can Do

Whether you’re self- or remote-hosted, Softek’s Discovery Audit™ can gather and analyze your data and make unbiased recommendations specific to your organization, including:

  • Intelligent data for resolving issues that impact patient safety.
  • Specific guidance for resolving bottlenecks in your financial and clinical systems.
  • Advice for reducing your hardware upgrade expenses.
  • Critical knowledge for smoother system upgrades.
  • Implement recommendations yourselves or work together with our EMR Performance Consulting team.


We are excited to introduce our Database Explorer Solution! Our new web-based Database Explorer tool is accessible through any modern web browser at http://dbexplorer.com and allows you to import database schema information from any Oracle database.

Each database will be added to a separate project, and you’ll be able to explore and share tables and relationships and draw Entity Relationship Diagrams. With Softek’s Database Explorer, you can reduce the learning curve and improve the efficiency of anyone involved in writing reports or needing to extract data from the database.

Panther technology offers third-party visibility into your Oracle Cerner Millennium performance to help your EMR management team dramatically improve overall system performance at the point of care.

We offer solutions to:

  • Reduce clinical risk by addressing areas where data has been lost or mishandled.
  • Improve patient care by eliminating chart queuing issues that slow physicians’ access to clinical data.
  • Improve end-user satisfaction by addressing areas that slow down system responsiveness.
  • Recover and prevent lost revenue by addressing Oracle errors and issues affecting billing processes.
  • Unlock potential cost savings by avoiding unnecessary hardware and software purchases.
  • Empower your IT staff with an understanding of how to improve system performance.
  • Ensure your infrastructure keeps up with external demand.
Service Solutions

Benefits of EMR Monitoring & Alerting

The Optimization Process

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For every client, we begin installation by training your organization’s IT team on how to use Panther software within Oracle Cerner. Panther runs on its own hardware, so your team will not have to strain hospital resources to use it. Once your team’s training is complete, we bring on our on-site support team to ensure any issues that may come up during installation are solved efficiently.



Once Panther’s software has been installed, it will start by consolidating all the data that is already within your system and completing an audit. During the process, it will discover all the bottlenecks within your system, and your team can use Panther’s unique software to dismantle those bottlenecks and optimize your EMR system.



Softek offers unparalleled monitoring and alerting software that can track data trends and alert your team to any issues before they can cause major disruptions within your system. This will ensure your system continues to operate at optimal performance and make EMR management easier than ever.



Though our team is dedicated to creating a system that enables our clients to work with Panther’s software independently, we understand there may be issues your team runs into. To get ahead of any issues, we have an extensive support system readily available for whenever clients may need assistance.

Optimize Your EMR

With our software and support, you can take the first steps to having an optimized EMR system.

Monitor Your System

To have effective EMR management, you need the ability to monitor the data within Oracle Cerner and to know when issues are occurring before they cause major problems within your system.

Why Customization Matters

Another way to improve and maintain your organization’s EMR performance is with Softek’s custom reporting options. Panther technology can generate custom and standard reports within minutes and send them to your team either weekly, daily, monthly or within a custom time frame that suits you and your team. For those who are struggling to pull reports from their system, Softek’s unique custom reporting technology can save you plenty of time and keep your IT team focused on your EMR performance.

Maintain optimal system performance and stop revenue loss with custom reporting.

The Softek Upgrade

Our Softek team has dedicated themselves to providing unparalleled software and support solutions based on uncompromising business principles. Since our founding in 1995, we’ve strived to improve clients’ EMR management and performance and stop revenue loss with our unparalleled software solutions.


We believe that transparency and honesty with both our clients and our employees enable us to create exceptional EMR experiences. By encompassing education, sharing and open communication, we’ve been able to develop relationships based on reliability and trust.


We believe our clients are the best advisors on how to improve our support and software solutions. By learning their pain points and needs, we can improve how Panther technology operates and create even better solutions for EMR performance.


Our team is always looking outside the box to discover new and innovative ways to improve our technology. We are problem solvers by heart and we never stop learning how to enhance our work and better optimize EMR performance.

Who Is Softek

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The Softek Difference

Our webinars and Softek University courses give our clients the unique opportunity to learn more about our Panther technology and the best methods for achieving and maintaining EMR optimization.


Our webinars offer useful industry insights on topics relevant to revenue cycle management, integrity and EHR monitoring.


Softek University

Softek University was established to bring helpful courses from the world of EMR optimization to users across the nation.

Softek University

Enhancing Oracle Cerner

Whatever part of the hospital you work in, our unsurpassed Panther technology solutions can provide relief to the EMR issues you may be experiencing. Our Softek team has partnered with over 200 hospitals across the nation to provide some of the most exceptional EMR solutions to stop revenue loss.

Our Panther technology has the unique ability to provide accurate and immediate data by plugging directly into Oracle Cerner’s system. By providing real data instead of educated guesses, our clients have been able to gain clear visibility within their EMR system and optimize their system’s performance.

We are proud to say that all of our clients have been able to successfully improve their system and EMR management after using our software solutions.

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