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A State-of-The-Art Detection System

When it comes to tracking trends, you may find that it’s difficult to monitor your system’s performance and find it impossible to discover where system issues lie. Panther’s EMR monitoring technology is unique because it plugs into Oracle Cerner’s software directly and gives you instant access to the precise data you need. It accurately identifies data trends, tracks them and alerts you of any changes.

Even better, our EMR monitoring system has preset notifications that are set to the utmost accuracy and can be adjusted by the user for even greater precision.

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The EMR Performance Process

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First, we install the software and train your current IT team on how to use and understand it. Panther runs on its own hardware so it will not need to use much of your hospital’s current resources.



Panther’s unique EMR monitoring software will start capturing and monitoring both our preset data trends and any custom data trends you have set.



Softek’s tools instantly identify and alert you of bottlenecks where system performance is low and effectively work to break them down before system slowdowns can occur.



While our goal is for your team to work independently with Panther software, we provide extensive support services to ensure your team can work successfully within Oracle Cerner.

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Monitor Your EMR Performance

When it comes to EMR monitoring and maintenance, not having your system optimized can drastically affect how your health organization operates. Without optimization, your hospital could have significant revenue loss from bottlenecks within your system resulting in staff shortages, lower quality care and more. Softek’s solutions optimize your EMR performance so your hospital can provide the best care possible.

Why Customization Matters

Having clear visibility into your EMR system is crucial to providing the highest quality care. Softek’s unique technology offers an expansive range of services that can help your IT team optimize your systems and stop revenue loss.

Our technology can also generate both standard and custom reports in minutes, keeping your team from digging through irrelevant data just to find the information you need. We can send those reports to you and your team daily, weekly or in a custom time frame.

Customize today and save yourself valuable time.

The Softek Upgrade

Founded in 1995, our Softek team strives to develop improved software solutions based on uncompromising business ethics. We have remained dedicated to this goal for over 25 years, providing unparalleled services for our clients along the way.


At Softek, we believe that honesty and transparency are the best ways to create lasting partnerships. Our culture is based on sharing, educating and openly communicating with both our clients and team members.


The only way to create the best software available is by listening to our clients’ experiences with our technology and improving it based on their needs and pain points.


Our Softek team is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve our services and technology. We are problem solvers by heart and do our best work to improve our clients’ EMR systems with the latest advancements in technology.

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Optimize Your EMR

Optimize your system today and stop revenue loss.

Enhancing Oracle Cerner

Whatever part of the hospital you work in, our unparalleled Panther technology solutions can provide relief to the EMR issues you are experiencing. Our Softek team has partnered with over 200 hospitals across the nation to provide some of the most exceptional EMR solutions to stop revenue loss.

Our Panther technology has the unique ability to provide accurate and immediate data by plugging directly into Oracle Cerner’s system. By providing real data instead of educated guesses, our clients have been able to gain clear visibility within their EMR system and optimize their system’s performance. We are proud to say that all of our clients have been able to successfully improve their system, and work well within Oracle Cerner after using our software solutions.