Chris Lanaman, Executive Director of Professional Services

Navigating the Evolution of Healthcare IT: The Crucial Role of Softek’s Panther Monitoring Tools for Oracle EMR Systems

In the dynamic landscape of healthcare technology, Oracle EMR systems stand as critical components driving efficiency and patient care. While AI integration is the future, the reality is most systems will remain manual and human built. In this blog, we will explore the challenges faced by healthcare organizations in managing Oracle EMR systems and how Softek Panther’s monitoring tools provide a natural solution, preparing them for the inevitable shift toward AI integration.

Currently, Oracle EMR systems rely heavily on manual and human-built processes and structures. While the vision is to integrate AI seamlessly, many organizations find themselves navigating the complexities of manual workflows and technical support issues.

Technical Support Challenges

  1. Manual Issue Detection: Managing Oracle EMR systems often involves manual detection of potential issues. Softek Panther’s tools monitor systems 24/7, offering a proactive approach to identifying and resolving problems before they impact critical workflows.
  2. Budget Constraints: Softek recognizes the budget constraints many organizations are facing. Panther’s intuitive interface and actionable insights ensures optimal resource utilization, making it a practical solution for technical support teams.
  3. Mitigating Human Errors: In a manual environment, human errors impact the reliability of the system. By lowering complex and error-prone technical workflows into atomic operations, Panther has reduced the likelihood of fatigue errors and ensures the smooth functioning of the healthcare systems.

Enhancing Software Clinical Support Roles

  1. Manual Integration with Oracle EMR Systems: Softek understands that AI integration is the future, but, for now, manual integration with Oracle EMR systems is the reality. Panther’s monitoring tools provide insights into missing build issues and charges, offering a practical solution for clinical support roles regardless of how the build was created.
  2. Training is a necessity: With Panther, training programs can be targeted based on actionable data, addressing the specific needs of clinical support workers.
  3. Efficiency through practical solutions: Panther’s focus on providing actionable data serves as a practical solution for clinical support roles, ensuring efficient workflows and reliable healthcare systems.

The Natural Solution: Panther by Softek

  1. Adaptable: Panther’s monitoring tools are designed to seamlessly integrate with the Oracle EMR solution and have been used for over two decades. As the EMR solution has changed and grown, Panther has always adapted to meet the additional needs of our clients, which is why it is a natural solution for organizations managing Oracle EMR systems.
  2. Practical and proactive issue resolution: Panther empowers IT workers with actionable data, allowing them to proactively address potential problems, making it a natural fit for organizations looking to enhance the skill and efficiency of their healthcare IT workforce.
  3. Prepared for future AI integration: While the industry moves toward AI integration, Panther will continue to adapt and grow to meet the needs of our clients. AI integrations will just be more software that requires monitoring. Panther prepares healthcare organizations for the inevitable shift without disrupting current workflows.

Softek’s Panther monitoring tools are a natural solution for healthcare organizations managing Oracle EMR systems. With a focus on actionable data, Panther addresses the challenges posed by manual workflows, offering practical and efficient solutions for technical and clinical support teams. As the industry evolves, Panther acts as a dependable partner, ensuring that organizations are prepared for the future of AI integration while seamlessly navigating the current landscape of manual processes in healthcare IT.

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