Chris Lanaman

Softek Panther Supports Millennium 2012.x Code

David Hallberg’s recent blogs on preparing for your Millennium® site’s upgrade to 2012.x code have coincided with several conversations with clients who use Panther™ to manage and monitor system performance. They want to know: “Does Panther support Millennium 2012.x code?” And: “Will Panther audits still point out issues as I test the new code and then move it to prod?” I want to assure you that

all Softek products and services support this version of code.

For those of you not familiar with Softek, our software and services give you a high level of visibility into your EMR system along with actionable evaluations and alerts developed and serviced by a team who collectively had years of experience at Cerner and various Millennium hospitals.

As we enter a new year, we have the same great news we have had since Cerner developed Millennium version 7.6: Softek is working to provide your site an objective view into the performance and reliability of your Millennium system.

The following table lists the Millennium code versions supported by Panther.

Prognosis: Third-party support that gives your organization intuitive management of your Millennium EMR system can be the foundation for a smooth upgrade to 2012.x code.