David Hallberg

Preparing for an Upgrade?

We have seen so many Millennium® clients have problems after upgrading to 2007.18, 2007.19 or 2010.01 that I feel compelled to address this issue. If you have not yet upgraded, this blog will link you to specific recommendations to help minimize the known risks to your production environment. It’s best to execute them before the upgrade. If you have already upgraded, you may want to review these items and see how many of them you can do to improve your current stability.

In general, I’ve ranked my 14 recommendations in order of importance. The majority of them are MQ and message log issues. They apply whether you are on AIX, HP-UX or VMS (although VMS applies only through the 2007.19 upgrade since Cerner doesn’t support this platform on 2010.01 and above). Click here to read the specifics on correcting the following 14 issues:

  1. The hidden MQ queue.
  2. Java server stress.
  3. Citrix crashes.
  4. Exception queue transactions.
  5. Message log disk I/O increases
  6. Confusing MQ log files.
  7. Extra message log writing.
  8. Too much extraneous logging.
  9. MQ information loss.
  10. Missing or incorrect security settings for a file.
  11. MQ running in mixed mode.
  12. Request class routing needs.
  13. Wrapping issues with message logs.
  14. QCP server instances.

Prognosis: By performing a handful of critical tasks before an upgrade, I believe you’ll have a much shorter troubleshooting time during the upgrade process.