Videl Nelson, Revenue Integrity Consultant

Are your Billers Working Hard…or Hardly Working?

How productive is your billing department? How do you measure the productivity of your billers? Do you even have the data to do so? The absence of accessibility to accurate biller productivity data leads to inefficient billing offices.

Many hospitals, large and small, have trouble clearly defining and measuring the productivity of their billers. Without the ability to identify and reward highly efficient billers, hospitals are at risk of only retaining underperforming billing staff.

A biller’s job consists of posting payments (AR Management), remitting claims to the clearinghouse for approval, confirming that every chargeable service provided is accounted for and charged, and reviewing unpaid or underpaid claims for resubmission. Each of these job components take different amounts of time and effort to complete so hospitals should weigh each component accordingly.

Without full transparency of what actions which billers carry out daily, how can a hospital clearly and effectively measure the productivity of their billing staff?

Softek recently released a new Biller Productivity Control giving Cerner® Patient Accounting clients full visibility into the productivity of each biller within the department. This control also provides Cerner® clients visibility into their billing workflow by displaying specific client defined coder and biller productivity metrics.

The Biller Productivity control allows clients to see an individual biller’s action codes applied and number of encounters for a given day, and current and reassigned work items. The visibility that this control provides allows clients to clearly define biller productivity metrics to create a more efficient and productive billing department. Biller productivity directly affects how hospitals generate revenue and reimbursement. This control gives clients the tools needed to run a billing department at an optimal level and achieve maximum revenue.

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