Millennium Medic

About Millennium Medic

Prescriptions for a Healthy Cerner System

Millennium Medic offers real-world solutions for maximizing the performance of your Cerner Millennium system. Whether you simply need some advice to understand how you can keep Millennium running at peak performance or are desperate for a life-saving transplant, our team of Millennium experts provides a dose of practical insight into performance issues common to many users.

Our team, while not actual physicians, has been doctoring Millennium for many years. Most are former Cerner engineers and all currently work at Softek Solutions, Inc., which manufactures Panther, the industry-leading Millennium management and monitoring software developed by founders David Fletcher and Matt McLenon. We know the intricacies of this complex system.

We also understand the potential harm posed by a poorly running system. Not only are care providers frustrated, but patient care itself can be compromised. So we invite you to join our conversation and gain the insight you need to maximize your Millennium investment.

While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of our information, situations or unknown factors within your production environment could affect how your system responds to our recommendations. Any change introduced to your system should follow the due diligence of proper change control procedures in a non-production setting before being implemented. Softek cannot be held responsible for any negative impact, including downtime events experienced by an organization, based on general practice advice we disseminate.