We help hospitals get the most out of their investment in Cerner  Millennium


Who is Softek?

Is your EMR system working for you or are you working for your EMR system?

At Softek Solutions, Inc.™, we come to work every day because we’re passionate about software and we believe your Cerner EMR system should work for you and your needs.

We want to help you optimize your EMR system and we provide the consulting and software solutions to do just that. Our EMR Performance solution monitors your system 24/7 so you don’t have to. Our Charge Capture and Patient Accounting tools help ensure your system isn’t missing charges. And all of our tools have alerting capabilities to proactively notify you of urgent issues in your system. 

We believe software should solve problems not create new ones and we want to change the way you work with your EMR system. Don’t you?

Our Mission

To help hospital systems get the most out of their investment in Cerner Millennium.

Our Vision 

To deliver innovative solutions to complex problems. We solve complex problems by leveraging software and industry expertise to achieve greater results together than either can alone.

Where We Came From and Where We're Going

Back in 1995, Softek was founded with the goal of creating better software along with uncompromised business ethics. And we’ve been doing that for our clients ever since.

We’ve specialized in Cerner Millennium for over 20 years because we truly believe it is the best EMR system. Softek is your independent, objective strategic partner in Cerner Millennium.  

We consult with our clients and help change the way they work with their EMR systems.

We listen to our clients and build software around their needs and

pain points.

We look to the future and are always exploring new opportunities to help

our clients.

Our Founder

David Fletcher is an Overland Park, Kansas native and graduate from the University of Kansas School of Engineering. He has always loved puzzles. This insatiable drive to solve problems led him to write a computer program in college that solved structural engineering assignments.


He is still solving problems today. He designs software solutions to assist Cerner clients gain better visibility into their system and optimize its performance. He understands the complexities of the Cerner system and believes that it functions best with the right solutions for management and monitoring in place. 

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