Get unparalleled system visibility

Can your performance management system do all this?

Gain Insight

Our Cerner experts help you understand your performance data so you can have data-driven talks with your teams.

Prevent Downtime

Our technology alerts the right person at the right time about acute Cerner system issues that, if left unattended, would cause disruption of service to your clinicians.

Eliminate Poor Performance

Our technology exposes the root cause of chronic poor performance and system variability and we use this data to correct the issues.

Improve Satisfaction

Our technology helps you correct problems with data transaction and Cerner system performance, resulting in improved clinician satisfaction and patient safety.

What Our Clients Say

Softek is one of the few vendors that went above and beyond to help us. What they did extended well past our signed agreement. A lot of times, once we get that agreement, then we don’t hear from anybody until it is renewal time, and then they are Johnny-on-the-spot. But Softek routinely reaches out to see how things are going.
As Cabell Huntington Hospital prepared to go live with Cerner Millennium, we needed a system to help us transition smoothly to avoid revenue loss during the implementation. Prior to selecting Softek, we spoke with some of their clients who shared their success with the product and emphasized its value. We also researched the company and found that not only do they continually optimize and enhance their product, but they also provide continual consulting to answer questions, assist with any issues and provide training.
Anthony Adkins,
Director of Application Services,
Cabell Huntington Hospital
They have been very helpful in letting us trial certain enhancements that they have done to see whether they are really what we were looking at. I would say that Softek is very user focused. There are a lot of products out there, but for a Cerner shop, the solution is a very user-friendly tool to help with managing it.
They are very customer focused. Working with Softek has just been very refreshing in that respect because a lot of other vendors of tools that we have always have user enhancements, but that is such a process. With those vendors, we can submit enhancement requests to them, and then they put it in a pile, and then they vote on it. Then they see whether they can work on it. By the time that enhancement comes around, we have found a workaround to do what we need to do. But things have been very different with Softek from that perspective.
Softek has been able to develop some new productivity tools for us where we can really gauge the productivity of our team members. A huge gap for us has been getting valid productivity without having to have someone keep a manual count. The productivity tools that the vendor developed for us have allowed us to drill down without having to go into the revenue cycle. We can see all of the respective activities inside of the system.
We found a lot of ways to report and pull data using Softek's system that replaced previous processes that took us hours to do and were very inefficient to replicate. The system helped us on the reporting side to be able to do things much quicker.
The vendor was not only looking at trying to perfect a tool that they developed but also constantly looking for growth opportunities. Softek is always looking for ways to make the tool better. The vendor is extremely proactive and open to engaging the users on how Softek can make the tool work for us. Even our pharmacy people have commented about how the vendor will call when they notice things.

Oversight for RHOs

Even remote-hosted organizations need Softek's evidenced-based oversight.

  • Get real-time information needed to ensure your EMR is delivering the performance promised by your RHO provider.
  • Get visibility into data leaks and other problems that may be outside the scope of your RHO provider but are causing clinical and financial risk and chronic poor performance.
  • Get experts to coach you through the corrections your team is responsible for and help craft detailed service requests to your RHO provider.

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