Access current patient financial data

Expertise to Stop Revenue Loss

Our Revenue Consulting team has found revenue loss – sometimes in the millions of dollars – at every Cerner organization we’ve analyzed. We work with you to trace the billing bottlenecks to their source and correct them. We are committed to helping your organization achieve revenue integrity.

Our Cerner-specific Revenue Cycle consultants even make corrections for you.

Software for Instant Visibility

Hospital CFOs and business office directors can’t wait hours or days to see the most up-to-date financial data from their Cerner Patient Accounting System.

Panther's Patient Accounting suite gives you on-demand, interactive visibility into your current patient billing data.

Panther's Patient Accounting Controls


See tables and graphs of the daily ATB data from your Cerner Revenue Cycle tables and drill into the raw details of each bill.


Get instant visibility into balances that have not been billed, including the hold status and age of the bills.

General Ledger Build

Highlight build issues related to the GL so that you can ensure revenue is posting to the appropriate company unit.

Biller Productivity

View an individual biller’s current activity, work items, queue summary and reassigned work items.

Claims Denial

Analyze denials data to identify trends by health plan, denial reason or provider.

Payor Report Card

Determine how quickly and how much is paid on claims and access claims data to manage health plan contracts.

Encounter Holds

Get a comprehensive view of encounters in a hold status.

Patient Accounting Reports

Get high level reporting such as ATB/DNFB trends and revenue rolling average.