Get accurate, intuitive system monitoring

Over 20 Years of Experience

Panther has been monitoring and managing Oracle Cerner Millennium performance since 2000. Both self- and remote-hosted organizations use Panther to ensure EMR system stability, efficiency and throughput—key measures for clinician buy-in.

State-of-the-Art Detection System

Driving Panther is a state-of-the-art detection system that provides accurate and detailed alerts of system issues. Data bottlenecks can be proactively broken up before system slowdowns occur. Notifications are preset for utmost accuracy and can be adjusted by the user for even greater precision.

Plug-and-Play Software

Running on its own dedicated hardware, Panther operates without the need for agents running on any node. This means it has virtually no impact on your hospital’s IT system resources.

Insight into Your System

The Discovery Audit™ from Softek provides unbiased, third-party visibility into your current Oracle Cerner Millennium performance along with detailed recommendations to help you dramatically improve overall system performance at the point-of-care.

Everyone Can Benefit from Using Panther EMR Performance™

Executives and IT Directors

Use Panther’s Management Reports to identify EMR performance trends and maximize staff productivity and efficiency.

IS/IT Teams

Use Panther to monitor for system problems so they can focus on other mission-critical needs.

Application Teams

Use Panther’s one-click group cycling of servers, change control tracking and enhanced log-file mining to detect the root cause of system issues.

Interface Teams

Easily identify and resolve backlogs with foreign systems. Quickly access specific interfaces and control interface access for all analysts.

Oversight for RHOs

Even remote-hosted organizations need Softek's evidenced-based oversight.

  • Get real-time information needed to ensure your EMR is delivering the performance promised by your RHO provider.
  • Get visibility into data leaks and other problems that may be outside the scope of your RHO provider but are causing clinical and financial risk and chronic poor performance.
  • Get experts to coach you through the corrections your team is responsible for and help craft detailed service requests to your RHO provider.