Discover optimal system performance

Insight into your system

The Discovery Audit™ from Softek provides unbiased, third-party visibility into your current Cerner Millennium™ performance along with detailed recommendations to help you dramatically improve overall system performance at the point-of-care.

Whether you’re self- or remote-hosted, with our Panther technology, we can gather and analyze your data and make recommendations specific to your organization, including:


  • Intelligent data for resolving issues that impact patient safety


  • Specific guidance for resolving bottlenecks in your financial and clinical systems


  • Advice for reducing your hardware upgrade expenses


  • Critical knowledge for smoother system upgrades

You can implement our recommendations yourselves or work together with our EMR Performance Consulting team.

Change the way you work
  • Reduce clinical risk by addressing areas where data has been lost or mishandled


  • Improve patient care by eliminating chart queuing issues that slow down physicians’ access to clinical data

  • Improve end-user satisfaction by addressing areas that
    slow down system responsiveness


  • Recover and prevent lost revenue by addressing Oracle errors and issues affecting billing processes

  • Unlock potential cost savings by avoiding unnecessary hardware and software purchases

  • Empower your IT staff with an understanding of how to improve system performance

  • Ensure your infrastructure keeps up with external demand

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