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Jesse Hodes

Jesse Hodes is the Vice President of Sales at Softek. In his current role, Jesse works with clients to understand their challenges with Cerner Millennium and provide solutions to optimize their system and ultimately, help their bottom line. Prior to Softek, Jesse spent three years at Cerner as an Integration Architect, managing more than a dozen Cerner implementations. Jesse knows first-hand the issues clients are facing and has been instrumental in the development of many of Softek’s
Charge Capture solutions.

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June 29, 2021, 10 a.m. or 1:30 p.m. CST

You’ve likely reached this page because you’re having issues with your current Cerner charge capture process or lack thereof. Luckily, you’re in the right place. In this webinar, Jesse will cover Softek’s new Rules Engine tool and what makes it different than our competitors.

What does the Rules Engine featuring ACE identify?

  • Missing charges
  • Incorrect or Missing CPT/HCPCS codes
  • Incorrect units of service
  • Incorrect revenue codes
  • Compliance issues
  • Dates of service issues

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What Our Clients Say

Softek is absolutely worth their value. The reason that they excel is that they have developed a product that closes a gap with Cerner. Softek isn't developing a product that is going to make us want to get rid of our revenue cycle system; they are just trying to relieve the pressure and identify gaps. A lot of other companies come in and want to push us away from Cerner or want to push us away from our revenue cycle system, and that isn't how Softek functions. I can not only stop the bleeding but also keep my organization from making the same mistakes from a build perspective.
Softek’s engineers seem to know our third-party revenue cycle system better than anybody else I have ever worked with. They understand and know what tables to pull respective information from. They don’t have a problem pulling up the information and educating me as to why they are linking a specific table or why they are pulling data from a certain place. The vendor has a much broader understanding of the product than someone from our third-party vendor's support group. We have good luck with just picking up a phone and calling an engineer from Softek, and Softek's people can quickly just answer our questions. They are just really good to work with.
Without Panther, we could have been billing incorrectly for a long time without identifying broken connections within Cerner. It was through the Panther process when we were reviewing the findings and what the system had identified that our pharmacy realized that something behind the scenes had been connected to the wrong orderable. Through Panther, they were able to identify where the connection was broken. Since they fixed it, they don’t get the errors anymore. Just having this window into the connections that are behind the scene was extremely educational.
What was intriguing was Softek's focus, specifically on Cerner clients. We have found the ability to audit and trail things within the Cerner charge process to be problematic. Softek was incredibly generous to work with us and accommodate when our IT resources were available, to work around some of the bumps that we hit along the way. They were incredibly patient in helping us get to the point where we could actually get an agreement with them.”
Anyone struggling with the Cerner revenue cycle system really needs to get Softek in the room. They are experts with the Cerner system. The EMR transition was such a huge task. We have to start with things that are impacting the revenue the most and fix those things first. That really gives our team a structure of priorities. We started with the biggest opportunities and worked our way down to optimizing the small things.