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Struggling with Cerner Charge Capture Processes?

You're not alone. Few hospitals have processes in place to identify missing charges within their clinical activity, and those that do, find it’s a very time-consuming and manual process.

Softek is here to help. Our team understands the complexities of the Cerner system that can disrupt the smooth journey from providing services to billing and payment.

Panther is your answer. Our Cerner-specific Panther software was created to help hospitals streamline tedious charge review processes.

Register Now. Our “Streamline Your Cerner Charge Capture” webinar series was created for you! We’ll cover common scenarios we see at Cerner organizations that lead to revenue loss and demonstrate how you can improve your charge capture processes.

Don’t Wait. Our Panther software helps address charging issues in all clinical areas. We’ve worked with hundreds of Cerner hospitals and have pinpointed lost revenue at each. You can’t afford to miss these time and money-saving webinars!

We help align both your IT systems and your workflows to give you the best possible chances of success.

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Cerner Charge Capture

Speed Up Your Cerner Charge Capture Process

Tired of dirty claims slowing you down?

Softek can help improve your hospital’s Cerner charge integrity processes by identifying missing charges without extracting files or reviewing 837s and do so even before the patient is discharged. We diagnose issues early in your charge capture process, so they can be resolved upstream, so you get bills out the door quickly.

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Cerner Charge Capture

Uncover Missing Charges in Your Cerner System

Where is your revenue loss occurring?

Softek gives you visibility into your Cerner charge build and workflow. We help identify issues that lead to significant revenue losses by pinpointing missing charges related to completed order activities. We can discover and diagnose orders that never post charges and orders that inconsistently charge so you don’t spend hours manually auditing patient charges.

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Cerner Charge Capture

Fine Tune Your Cerner Pharmacy Formulary

Experiencing pharmacy charging discrepancies?

Softek helps Cerner clients audit their formulary conversion factors and procedure codes to ensure that facilities get reimbursed at the proper rates while minimizing denials. We understand documentation and charging discrepancies in the Pharmacy department are hard to detect, and the management of QCF, NDC and HCPCS data can be manual and time-consuming.

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