Training Webinars


Message Logs: Find the Source of User Complaints

When someone complains about one of your Millennium applications, you can begin your problem solving with the system’s message logs.  This webinar helps you find and decipher the exact messages you need to address clinicians’ friction points.



Queues 1: Anatomy of IBM MQ

Cerner Millennium uses IBM’s Websphere MQ queuing system for its applications. All the teams who support Millennium – whether applications, interfaces or technical – need to understand this foundational technology and what it tells you about system performance.



Queues 2: Identify EHR System Bottlenecks 

The Queues control in Panther displays a real-time view of clinical backlogs and lets you easily drill into the cause. This information is often critical for resolving throughput issues before clinicians and business staff experience their full effect.



Queues 3: Increase Throughput

The Queuing Performance Spreadsheet (QPS) is a Panther Management Report that reveals queuing patterns in your system over time. This report will help your team understand where and when chronic backlogs began, track improvements and address issues to ensure system reliability.



Current Events Control: Where System Troubleshooting Begins

The Current Events control in Panther displays real-time information about your domains on one screen. By understanding the issues affecting your system right as they’re happening, you can quickly address them and minimize their impact on your users.



Management Reports: Track Key Performance Areas

Panther Management Reports help you review key areas of your Millennium system’s performance over time. Generate and use these reports to track both improvements and problems in your environment and to address problems that inhibit system reliability.



Custom Desktops: Manage Millennium from One Screen

To fit the unique responsibilities of each member of your IT team, Panther makes it easy to customize your viewing settings. Knowing how to set up your desktop view, filters and data searches is the first step to streamlining your Panther workflow.



Management Tools: Ease through Updates and Upgrades

Whenever you refresh domains or update code, your changes can disrupt the connection between Panther and Millennium. With Panther’s management tools, you can restore connections as soon as possible and eliminate system problems that arise along the way.



Interfaces 1: Know if Transactions Get Through

If problems develop in the interfaces between Millennium and your other electronic systems, critical patient information might not get where it needs to go. Part 1 answers important questions about visibility into your interfaces.


Interfaces 2: Troubleshoot Your Interfaces

Problems with the interfaces between Millennium and your other electronic systems need to be corrected quickly to make sure critical patient information gets where it needs to go. Part 2 shows you how easy it is to use Panther to troubleshoot your interfaces.



Cycle Groups and Servers: Simplify Server Cycling

Cycling Millennium servers is often a critical step in resolving system issues and updating the system with build changes. Panther simplifies the job and improves system security by letting you set up Cycle Groups, customize the way servers are cycled, determine a user’s cycling privileges and audit who cycled servers when.


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