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At Softek, our team of Cerner Millennium experts and software developers bring more than 25 years' experience and expertise to over 200 hospitals throughout North America. We help hospitals get the most out of their investment in Cerner Millennium.​

If you're struggling with visibility and accuracy with your Cerner EHR system, you need a partner you can trust.

If you have Cerner, you need Softek.

Why Cerner hospitals choose Softek

What Our Clients Say

Softek doesn't promise that they can do something and then not do it. When we give them feedback, within a week’s time, they check in to see whether we can log in and to see whether things are any better. Softek is very proactive. Softek doesn’t let a title get in the way of moving forward. They reach out. They check on us. They ask us whether we are getting what we need, whether the response time is okay, and whether there is anything they can do differently. They are very customer-focused.
The vendor was not only looking at trying to perfect a tool that they developed but also constantly looking for growth opportunities. Softek is always looking for ways to make the tool better. The vendor is extremely proactive and open to engaging the users on how Softek can make the tool work for us. Even our pharmacy people have commented about how the vendor will call when they notice things.
Softek’s strength is their connection to our tool. Softek's programmers are all ex-coders that have worked with our system. They understand the ins and outs of our tool very well. And they have a pretty good nose for where the weaknesses are. The vendor is such a niche player.
Softek is one of the few vendors that went above and beyond to help us. What they did extended well past our signed agreement. A lot of times, once we get that agreement, then we don’t hear from anybody until it is renewal time, and then they are Johnny-on-the-spot. But Softek routinely reaches out to see how things are going.
Without Panther, we could have been billing incorrectly for a long time without identifying broken connections within Cerner. It was through the Panther process when we were reviewing the findings and what the system had identified that our pharmacy realized that something behind the scenes had been connected to the wrong orderable. Through Panther, they were able to identify where the connection was broken. Since they fixed it, they don’t get the errors anymore. Just having this window into the connections that are behind the scene was extremely educational.
Softek has done an excellent job for us. They have a pharmacy tool that essentially identifies mispriced pharmaceuticals in our system. The vendor is quite inexpensive. We brought them on to do an analysis for us, and they found a significant amount of net revenue for us.
Chief Financial Officer
What was intriguing was Softek's focus, specifically on Cerner clients. We have found the ability to audit and trail things within the Cerner charge process to be problematic. Softek was incredibly generous to work with us and accommodate when our IT resources were available, to work around some of the bumps that we hit along the way. They were incredibly patient in helping us get to the point where we could actually get an agreement with them.
They are very customer focused. Working with Softek has just been very refreshing in that respect because a lot of other vendors of tools that we have always have user enhancements, but that is such a process. With those vendors, we can submit enhancement requests to them, and then they put it in a pile, and then they vote on it. Then they see whether they can work on it. By the time that enhancement comes around, we have found a workaround to do what we need to do. But things have been very different with Softek from that perspective.

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