We are always excited to introduce ourselves to new, prospective associates, and we encourage you to explore Softek and learn more about our company and our culture. Softek is a great place to work and grow both personally and professionally. We’re a small company, but we’re growing fast, and we believe that our associates are the key to our ongoing success.

Grow among the best and brightest

At Softek, we strive to hire the best and brightest and then empower them to create, sell and support our products with the highest possible standards. We believe we work best when we work together, so we strive to maintain an open environment of collaboration. We value knowledge sharing and the free flow of ideas, and it shows in the innovative products we develop. We also provide opportunities for our developers and associates to interact with our clients. The reason? Some of our best new ideas come from our clients, and when our associates hear those ideas firsthand it equips them to bring those ideas to life. This combination has fueled our success and has given our people insight into our clients’ point of view. It also lets our associates see just how much of a positive impact their work is having.

Experience a rewarding culture

You’ll notice it the minute you walk into our offices: a team atmosphere that only comes from putting the smartest people into an environment where they feel comfortable sharing and challenging each other to be their best. We reward our people by giving them the opportunity to express their individual talents and then acknowledging their successes in memorable and rewarding ways.

Work with cutting-edge technology

We arm our associates with the best and newest technologies and development tools to maximize productivity and brain flow. Softek also provides advanced training opportunities to stay on top of the newest technologies and trends. The free flow of information among our associates combined with the opportunity to learn, perfect and lead the competition in innovative software solutions are employee perks you won’t find anywhere else.

Make an immediate impact

Through our successes, we strive to maintain a small company culture, providing an opportunity to become a rising star immediately. All of our associates are given responsibilities that will have a direct impact on the success of our products. Whether you are a summer intern or 10–year veteran, our clients see your efforts in action. You’ll also be supported by a team of associates dedicated to your success.


At Softek, our internship program is designed for students who are seeking a career beyond their internship. An internship at Softek is more than just another job; it’s the opportunity to take what interns have learned in school and bridge that gap with the real world. It’s a win/win situation for both Softek and the intern. As a result, many of our interns are offered full–time positions following the completion of their college career.

“Softek has a great atmosphere that lets everyone learn and grow together. The biggest draw for me was the fact that I was going to be working on a product that Softek was going to use, and I was going to have a full-time mentor assigned to help me if I needed anything at any point in time.”

Will Strohmeier

1st year intern