Pharmacy Integrity Webinar

Discover how you can address documentation and charge discrepancies for all medication dispenses on discharged patient encounters in your Cerner system.



Thursday, December 20, 10:30 am - 11:00 am CDT

Softek's live webinar will show you how Panther's Pharmacy Integrity Control gives you the visibility to see charging errors as well as inventory-control errors all in one easy to use application.


  • See and drill into the charging process for all medications and drug classifications.

  • See medications dispensed and administered by their drug schedule giving you an understanding if there are any documentation or charge discrepancies.

Softek is your Cerner expert
The Revenue team at Softek has specialized in Cerner's unique multi-tier architecture for nearly 20 years.

The Pharmacy Integrity Webinar will be led by Lindsey Ater, Director of Business Development at Softek Solutions. With more than five years of healthcare technology sales experience and three years of working directly with Cerner Millennium hospitals, Lindsey understands the complexities of the Cerner system and the “big data” issues many clients face.  She works tirelessly to present solutions in system optimization and revenue integrity to new clients, whether it’s through webinars, demos, site visits, conferences or direct contact. She's your go-to girl for questions!

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