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Softek named KLAS Category Leader

Softek Recognized as Category Leader for Revenue Cycle Optimization in Best in KLAS 2020 Report

Softek Solutions, Inc. was rated as the top company for Revenue Cycle Optimization in the Best in KLAS® 2020 report.

According to the report, Softek was the only fully rated company specializing in Revenue Cycle Optimization consulting to receive an A+ (>97) grade. Hospital clients gave Softek an overall score of 98.3 *1, The 98.3 overall score was the highest score awarded to any fully rated company in the entire Best in KLAS® 2020 report. *2

“We are honored to be identified as the KLAS® Category Leader for Revenue Cycle Optimization with an overall score of 98.3”, said Softek President David Fletcher. “This validates our unique approach and commitment to help our clients get the most out of their EMR investment.”


The full Best in KLAS 2020 report can be found here.

(1) Best in KLAS 2020 report, Page 94, How do Revenue Cycle Optimization services compare

(2) Best in KLAS 2020 report


"We have spent a lot of time with Softek, and they have been able to point out things that weren't right in our build. We would have missed a lot of money if Softek hadn't caught certain issues. They have come up with some productivity reports that have information that we weren't able to see in our EMR. Those reports have helped us with management. Our Softek representative has also been really instrumental in all the work we have done."


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