Get expert advice on your Oracle Cerner system

Your Strategic Partner in Oracle Cerner Millennium

We combine our years of expertise in Oracle Cerner Millennium management with Panther’s sophisticated and transparent management technology to:

  • Pinpoint and prioritize system performance issues at the point-of-care
  • Help your team understand what’s going on and what team is responsible for each issue
  • Either correct your issues or coach those responsible through the actions and conversations needed to return the system to optimal performance
  • Continue to monitor the outcome of changes and empower your team in system management

Seeing What No One Else Sees

Our Oracle Cerner EMR Performance Consulting experts gain unprecedented visibility into your system by accessing much more than your Oracle Cerner monitoring tools can. Our proprietary Panther technology and Discovery Audit pinpoint the source of both acute and chronic system issues that are causing patient data to be lost and bottlenecks that greatly slow down or disrupt your clinicians’ workflow. These diagnostics uncover the configurations and application builds that need correction. Then our experts prioritize the data to address the biggest issues first.

Our team capitalizes on their expertise and your dedicated staff to ensure reliable EMR performance at the point-of-care.